Know Your City Through The Odisha News

Bhubaneswar no more just the pilgrimage city that is famous for its temples. It is now a well-planned city where you will find all the top IT companies and all modern amenities. A new institute is being built in the state for research in the field of renewable energy. The institute will be mainly used for the development of advanced technologies for the wind and other renewable resources. The research will be based on the coastal regions of Odisha. Minor pilot project demonstrations will also take place in this institute. The research and development of such technologies will help to improve the renewable energy capacity of the cities like Bhubaneswar. This month the news mentioned that a target have been set to increase the contribution of the state in the renewable energy capacity of the country.

The New Technologiesimages (1)

The renewable energy sources include solar sector, wind sources, hydro-electricity projects, biomass and even municipal solid waste. Many solar power plants are also being built in the various cities to achieve the target of renewable energy contribution. But Odisha has always been in the news for the state’s environment-friendly nature. According to all the Odisha News Bhubaneswar started the year by setting up a special cell that will ensure proper waste management.

A Clean City

The focus of the cell will be to provide hassle free management of any kind of solid waste. All primary level waste collection processes will be monitored by this cell. The people who are responsible for running the cell will make sure that all the waste is disposed at the designated dumping sites so that there is less littering on the roads. As per the recent Odisha News, a processing plant has also been set up on the outskirts of the city for all the waste materials.

More About It

images (3)The solid waste materials that are collected from the dumping sites will be taken straight to this plant for processing. The cell will be manned by five people who will also collect certain fees from all the users for generating waste. All the Odisha News claim that more than fifty lorries will be used to provide door-to-door service for collection of waste. Not only this, every household in Bhubaneswar is getting financial aid for constructing toilets.

Beautification Of The City

A few months back the city was praised by the Odisha News for the major steps that are being taken to construct IHLs. There is also a possibility of a tie-up with the private firms who would like to finance partly

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