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The various comprehensive development plans that are gradually taking shape is the main reason that Bhubaneswar has become the most talked about city in recent times. The vision that was planned a few years ago has turned the city into a world-class urban center that has outlets of all the major retail and IT companies. This not only a great thing for the investors but has also given rise to so many job opportunities. Not only this due to all these recent developments the media and the country people are viewing the city as a modern investor friendly place.images (7)

The Development Phases

In fact, Bhubaneswar is almost always on the Odisha News because of these developments that are taking place in various phases. At the first phase, the focus was mainly on the transport and communication system. All the roads were cleared and any vendors who operated there were removed. Beautification of the city was also another aspect of the developmental plans which is why lots of trees were planted on the roadsides. Due to this today you will find wide and beautiful roads at every part of the city. Special trading places were created for all the hawkers and roadside vendors so that they can operate with ease.

Plans For The Environment

images (8)

Recently the people of Odisha have realized the importance of urbanization. Lots of IT parks are being built to draw all the top companies and investors. Most of the Breaking News channels are really excited about this transformed image of the city. The city of Bhubaneswar is not only focused on creating jobs and attracting investors, but they are doing their fair share for the environment. They decided to go green by planting trees on the road when they started the development program. But now their advanced environmental friendly models are getting support even from the foreign countries.

Implementing The Plans

In the recent Odisha News, it was seen that many countries helped the state to implement low carbon and climate resilient development modules. It has been implemented in all the cities including Bhubaneswar, and a seminar was held on CCIP where many discussions were held on the implementation of the modules. The main aim of the program is to strengthen the resilience of the state to the climate change by integrating all the related risks and opportunities into the planning and investment processes.

Get The News

The best thing about Odisha News is that even if you do not have enough time catch them on television you can always find it on the internet. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection, and you can start browsing the internet for all the recent news about Bhubaneswar. There are so many interesting things happening in this place that it is really important that you keep yourself updated with the news even if you do not stay in the city.

images (1)When getting additional information reports associated with Odisha you need to trip to Breaking News


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