Latest Online Odisha News

Odisha News Insight is a a leading 24×7 News Portal which circulate point to paint news of Odisha and India in its Web Portal named as odishanewsinsight  and publish  a weekly newspaper. Truth and impartial news publish is the major moto of ONI and which is continuing since last some years. ONI is a venture of The News Insight(TNI) group.images (1)

In 20th century, computer and internet are the essential part of human life. Everyone, directly or indirectly associated with it. In a busy life every People are love to get information through internet. Odisha News Insight is a English weekly Newspaper, which publish true and impartial news in its portal named as, anyone can visit this website and get all the latest news of Odisha, India and World a by a fraction of minutes. When we search breaking news in Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine, many website are display with their news items, visitor can visit according to their requirement.

images (3)Though Odisha is warehouse of many natural resources, many companies take interest to invest on Odisha. There are many visiting place and temples are established. So people are interested to know about Odisha. There lots of News update in day to day life such as Political, Social, Business, IT, Local, Entertainment, Sports, World and many more.  What new company entering into Odisha to investing money, what new project Lunching in Odisha, what is the latest news about various political parties, how celebrates the festivals in odisha, what is update news about Sports, what is latest update about Bollywood industry, what is the upcoming electronic product lunch, all about the holy and attractive places in odisha. Anyone can get all the above news by visiting one website.

ONI circulates images (2)breaking News of Odisha not only in Odisha but also all over the world. After opening the website, there several tabs such as Business, Technology, Sports, Political, Social, National, Entertainment, World, Event News. Political tabs describe all the political news of Odisha. Business and Social News describe latest update about business & Social activities in Odisha. Visitor can get news easily about Technology and Sports, by using technology and sports tab. Entertainment and Event tab describes all the news of film industry, cultural program, and event celebrating in Odisha. Along with visitor can get brief news of day to day incident happening all over the world in World Tab.

For getting breaking news of Odisha kindly check ONI portal or subscribe weekly English Newspaper Odisha news


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